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Resources for Finding Therapists
and Community Competent

How to Find a Therapist

A step-by-step guide to your therapist search by Izebel.

Psychology Today
Therapist Finder

Apply filters and browse a catalog of therapists in your area.

Pineapple Support

Free or low-cost therapy and volunteer emotional support for those working in the adult entertainment industry. Services are sex worker friendly, LGBTQ and kink-aware.

Choosing​ ​a​ ​Sex​ ​Worker-Affirmative​ ​Therapist

A guide by Katie Bloomquist, MS, MA, LAMFT

Kink & Poly Aware
Professionals Directory

A service offered by NCSF dedicated to providing the community with a listing of psychotherapeutic, medical, legal and other professionals self-identified as knowledgeable about and sensitive to diverse expressions of sexuality.

Polyamory-Friendly Professionals

A national directory of Polyamory-aware professionals, including mental health providers, doctors, lawyers, body workers, religious providers, etc.

Trans Lifeline

A trans-led organization that connects trans people to the community, support, and resources they need to survive and thrive. Peer Support Hotline: 877-565-8860.

The Network La Red

A Massachusetts survivor-led, social justice organization serving survivors of partner abuse in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, SM, polyamorous, and queer communities. They offer free support groups, individual supports and resources, and a 24 hotline: 800-832-1901

Depressed While Black:
Help Me Find a Therapist

A free program assisting community members in searching for Black therapists. Users fill out a digital form to make customized requests for therapy and can expect to receive info for up to 3 Black therapists which meet their criteria, tips for their first therapy consultation, and more.

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network

A healing justice organization committed to transforming mental health and improving access for queer and trans people of color (QTPoC)

American Association of Sexuality Educators,
Counselors and Therapists

Search for a sexuality educator, counselor or therapist in your state.


A free, volunteer-run service connecting clients with therapists.

Covid-19 Virtual Support List

An International list of life coaches and mental health professionals offering free or discounted remote services during the pandemic.

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